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At B L Homer Jewellers, we believe that good service starts the moment you walk in. We stand behind all of our jewellery products at the point of sale and afterwards. We love maintaining the relationships we form with our loyal customers and offer exclusive services to keep your jewellery looking and fitting perfectly.

Jewellery Repair Service

B. L. Homer Jewellers understands that a beautiful piece of jewellery can be both an investment and a wonderful showpiece. We want to make sure that you get the most value out of your purchase. That’s why we offer a Jewellery Repair Service, so the piece you choose remains stunning.

Specialty Tweezer Repairs

Custom Jewellery Design

B L Homer Jewellers always stands behind the quality of our designs and craftsmanship of our jewelry. To ensure your perfect piece always remains looking pristine, we offer walk-in Custom Jewellery Design. At B L Homer Jewellers our products come with a satisfaction guarantee, a necessary part of maintaining their beauty.

Jewelry Making


At B L Homer Jewellers, we know that each customer is different. We offer valuations on your items for insurance, valuation to buy or probate purposes.


Watch batteries & Straps

We replace watch batteries and watch straps, bracelets, pins and more. Usually while you wait.

Golden Watch

Watch & Clock Repair Service

Our experienced horologists have the expertise to carry out  a full service and repairs on your clocks and watches. Including watch glass replacements.

Antique Pocket Watch

Unwanted jewellery purchased

We all have jewellery we don't wear anymore. We can buy those unwanted items for cash. From diamond rings to broken earings and chains.

Mature Businesswoman


We offer machine engraving that is fast and reasonable. Hand engraving for inside rings or creating family seals is also possible. 

Metal Engraving

Ear Piercing

Our professionals have over 60 years combined experience piercing ears. From children to adults – our oldest customer being 90 years old. When arranged both ears can be pierced at the same time.

gvhbj nkml, gvhbjnk.jpg


We can rethread and restring your pearls, beads and semi-precious stone. The service is professional, affordable and fast.

Pearls Closeup
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